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Pitching Instruction

Our passionate pitching instructors have learned that “belief based” styles of instruction lead to improper development of pitching mechanics that can lead to unnecessary arm strain, especially in youth pitchers. Recent studies have demonstrated that nearly 50% of Little League and High School pitchers regularly pitch with some degree of pain. Here at the BB we focus on correcting pitchers mechanical faults, through the use of video analysis. The entire pitching delivery takes on average less than 1.5 seconds! Far too quickly to accurately analyze with the naked eye. Through our system of fault recognition, we teach pitchers not only how to correct their mechanical faults, but just as importantly we teach them to use their body in an explosive way to generate velocity using the entire kinetic chain. Whether you are a Little Leaguer starting out, or a High School senior trying to play at the next level, come to the Baseball Barn for a video Analysis and Assessment.

Our instructors will create a plan for improvement to help you with all of the following:

• Correcting mechanical faults

How to move effectively to maximize your velocity potential

How to create an Explosive Delivery through our Pitcher specific fitness training that focuses on power, agility and speed.

Improve your Mental Focus and learn how the best pitchers can be calm even in the highest pressure situations

Improve your pick off moves and keep base runners from advancing

Recognizing hitting styles and how to keep batters off balance and guessing, through proper pitch selection. Remember, pitching in more than just throwing hard.

To schedule a personal pitching instructional lesson or video analysis just click here: