Hitting Instruction

Hitting a baseball and teaching the major league swing have been an endeavor I have taken to heart over the past few years. Being mentored—and certified—by Ted Williams has given Mike Epstein insights into the science of proper hitting technique that very few have ever had access to; For baseball or softball. They continually upgrade their products and teaching instruction methods to keep you on the leading-edge of what is being taught in today's hitting community. As a Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor let me put these techniques to work to help your son or daughter improve.

We live by one simple measure of success.Yours.

• Personal Instruction
• Awareness is the first step; let's take it together

• “I realize that we live in a “microwave society" where everyone wants everything “yesterday.” Unfortunately, Mother Nature makes no allowances for hitters in this regard. Becoming a good hitter takes time—and patience. Believe me, talking with many players who have been there and done it at baseball’s highest levels, everyone agrees that there are no shortcuts-None.

• Teaching hitting should be presented in a logical, progressive, and straight-forward manner to the student. It should also make sense. There is little to gain from a haphazard, non-structured approach to the learning process. It's a waste of time and money.

• In sports, players rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. Taking the time necessary to choose a hitting instructor and the philosophy you can live with, is very important to their continued advancement."

• Take the first step…

• Our individual and group lessons typically last 70-90 minutes and always include full use of theEpstein Swing Analyzer motion analysis computer with a 32" flat screen display. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend, watch, and learn with their son/daughter to make this a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

• For local players, we offer no-risk swing evaluations to determine the player's current mechanics. The evaluation typically lasts 75-90 minutes and encompasses the player's swing analysis, mechanics review and history, as well as frame-by-frame on-screen synchronization with current MLB All-Stars. The evaluation is a wonderful way to not only see one's swing compared to MLB players, but also former Epstein and Baseball Barn hitters of the same age and ability level.

• Awareness is the first step; let's take it together. I urge you to contact us today to find the right program for your son or daughter.

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